Pediatric Care

Children in your home require constant attention. As a newborn member of your family, the child goes through evasive changes in the path to adulthood. Dental issues in children are present but require different attention and procedures than adults. With the change in lifestyle, the variety of oral hygiene issues increases along with many other health complexities. A regular check up can be proactive solutions that can guarantee a lifelong protection from major issues in this area. Your family specialist can guide you towards the steps that are required to ensure the same. Ideally the first visit should begin with the arrival of the first set of teeth.

A common issue

One of the most common issues in toddlers are baby bottle tooth decay. As the name suggests it implies an extensive contact with bottled milk. One thing that separates mother’s milk from a bottled version is the presence of soluble sugar. Kids when grow past the age of feeding often are provided with bottles of milk or sweetened fruit juice. Apart from the necessary nutrients, their teeth come in constant contact with sugar and carbohydrates. It causes decay and cavity in the primary teeth. When neglected for too long, they can be painful.

Affecting the permanent set

Many of you may think that a decay cannot in the primary teeth may not affect you much as they fall off after a certain period. The conception can be misleading as the primary teeth guide the later formed permanent set of tooth so that they can be arranged in their right way. You can notice how they are smaller in size when compared to the latter. Any decay in them can result in a crooked or distorted appearance of permanent teeth. A regular checkup at pediatric dentist can help you to fight the issue and secure your child’s overall oral health.

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Stuffing food in the mouth

Apart from this decay there are many other issues that plague a child’s oral health, and one of them is keeping the food in the mouth for too long. In essence, it has the same effect as that of baby bottle tooth decay. Children tend to store sweetmeats and other food rich in carbohydrates in their mouth while they are engaged in some work or play. In case the child has grown permanent set of teeth, it can result in decay, and it can result in invasive procedures early in life. With the help of pediatric dentist, the issue can be solved.

Some tips for use

The specialists are there to help you in the best possible way, but there are some little precautions that can be taken. One of the most effective solutions is to encourage the child to rinse the mouth after intake of every food. Inculcate the habit of brushing twice. Make sure that the bottle does not stay in the baby’s mouth for too long. Explain your ward the ill-effects of keeping food for long in their mouth and encourage them to follow oral hygiene and to implement the same to yourself.

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Better Healthcare

India is developing fast with an annual growth rate of approx. 7%. It is one of the rapidly growing nations across the globe. An impressive growth in the education and employment sectors is also notable but what seems bizarre is that in a country having over 930 million cell phone users, a majority of them struggle to get access to the clean water.

The country still needs to go a long way when it comes to catering the healthcare solutions in India. It is an indispensable part of our daily lives and we still continue to face loopholes and deficiencies in the healthcare segments. To cater a few of our day to day woes, many software and pharma companies have come forward to offer digital healthcare services. These services might seem like a drop in the ocean but are a fine example of the impact of digitization on the healthcare industry.

The digitization of record keeping and other operations in healthcare sector is not a new thing but we have come to an era with an advanced version of healthcare services. There are mobile software apps available those can prove to be of greatest help. A few of these apps act as the online medical stores in India. With the help of these apps, the user can order medicines online, set reminders for medicine dosages, vaccination reminders, doctor’s appointment, diagnostic facilities and more.

With their mobile devices that come handy, people can now explore the benefits of a digital healthcare platform. But, in the present scenario of competition, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Some of the apps provide only the pill reminder feature while the others may provide doorstep service and as we know that people seldom install and use more than one app for the same service.

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To tackle all these woes, a Gurgaon based software firm, Crocky Technologies has developed a healthcare app that is an all-rounder. The app named HeyCare was recently launched on Google Play Store and is available to download for free of cost. It is the first healthcare app to provide multiple medical services at a single platform.

The exclusive features of HeyCare include pill reminder, vaccination reminder, online orders of medicines, doorstep delivery and more. This app is easy to download and helps the users to get many healthcare services at just one platform. To provide a better experience to the users, the orders placed through HeyCare are delivered by the certified pharmacist who also offers beneficial information upon request. Apart from all these highly effective features, HeyCare is also offering upto 40% of extra savings on every transaction made using Care wallet.

In a nutshell, HeyCare is the app that emerges as a life saver among all other similar apps. It saves our time and money and offers top notch digital healthcare services.

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NC Pain Doctors

Knee pain and back pain seem to be on the increase among Florida dwellers. The reasons for this are enhanced life expectancy, an increase in activity levels and improper diet. Many of the conventional medical solutions focus on drugs or surgery which can have undesirable side effects. In such a scenario, acupuncture with very little side effects is a viable alternative that many Boca Raton and Delray Beach residents are considering because acupuncture not only reduce the inflammation of the joint but also can strengthen the muscles and tendons around the joints. When older people in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Parkland, Pompano Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Miami, Coconut Creek , and Miami have difficulty to move around, acupuncture help them regained the strength to start exercises in New year. Acupuncture become more popular in Florida because older people can have many problems after the knee surgery.

If you’re suffering from knee pain in Boca Raton, you can rest easy knowing that a reputed acupuncture clinic is nearby. Boca Raton Acupuncture Clinic is run by a eminently qualified and experienced acupuncturists, Dr. Li Zheng and her assistants. This clinic specializes in providing acupuncture treatment for allergies, neuropathy, chronic pain conditions, infertility, stroke, eye problems, prostate enlargement, impotence and autoimmune diseases. It also offers services such as herbal medicines, cupping and vitamin point injection therapy. While choosing an acupuncture clinic, it is very essential to ensure that the premises are sterile and the facility uses only disposable needles for treatment – in this regard, it must be mentioned that Boca Raton Acupuncture Clinic is renowned for upholding the highest hygiene and safety standards.

So how does back pain acupuncture at Boca Raton actually work? You probably know that acupuncture is a traditional medicine system built on the belief that inserting very fine needles at specific points on the body clears energy blockages and corrects qi imbalances. The needles are inserted in such a way that they stimulate the central nervous system and induce the release of certain chemicals that act as natural pain killers into muscles, the spinal cord and brain. These chemicals alter the experience of pain and promote a sense of wellbeing among patients. The number of needles to be pricked, their placement, and the depth to which they are to be inserted depends on the patient’s individual condition. Only a qualified acupuncture can make a decision after a thorough diagnosis of patient’s condition.

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For lower back pain or knee pain in Boca Raton, the acupuncturist may apply needles at points such as the stomach, lower back, hip bone joint, back of the knee, hand or on the foot. The process is relatively pain free with patients experiencing a state of relaxation and calmness after a session. Significant reversal of symptoms can be observed after a few sessions. Doctors recommend 12 to 24 treatments for long term relief from all sorts of chronic pain conditions such as back pain, knee pain, sciatica, arthritis, muscle pain and post-surgery pain. Once the pain is relived, patients can start regular exercises and only have acupuncture once a month or every other weeks to maintain the balanced condition of muscles and joints.

When done by a professionally qualified and experienced acupuncturist, this time tested treatment option can provide remarkable results and help you enjoy a pain free life with more energy and stronger muscles. For more information on back pain acupuncture in Boca Raton, you can have 15 min free consultation at Boca Raton Acupuncture Clinic.

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physician social media

Social media has become an inseparable part of every individual’s life. So much so that to expect a person to spend even a few minutes without being active on any of the social media platform is unimaginable. Apparently, similar to an addiction to drugs like cocaine or marijuana, even social media addiction is habit-forming, which can get worse over time.

A new study by the researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Research on Media, Technology and Health (CRMTH) suggests that individuals who are active on a variety of social media platforms are more likely to develop depression and anxiety, as compared to those who spend more time on social media but use lesser number of platforms.

Individuals using 7-11 social media platforms had 3.1 times chances of developing depression

Scheduled to be published online in the April issue of the journal “Computers in Human Behavior,” the study revealed that people who used the maximum number of social media platforms were more likely to develop depression and anxiety, as compared to those who used fewer platforms, regardless of the total time spent on the overall social media.

“This association is strong enough that clinicians could consider asking their patients with depression and anxiety about multiple platform use and counseling them that this use may be related to their symptoms,” said the lead author and physician Brian A. Primack, M.D., Ph.D., director of CRMTH, and assistant vice chancellor for health and society in Pitt’s Schools of the Health Sciences.

As part of the study, Primack and his colleagues enrolled 1,787 U.S. adults in the age group of 19 through 32 to assess their social media use, in 2014, based on an established depression assessment tool and questionnaires. Each participant was questioned about the 11 most popular social media platforms of that time, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine and LinkedIn.

It was found that individuals who used 7 to 11 platforms had 3.1 times chances of developing higher levels of depressive symptoms as compared to their counterparts who used just zero to two platforms. Moreover, people who used the maximum number of platforms were 3.3 times likely to develop high levels of anxiety symptoms as compared to those who used the least number of platforms. During the course of the study, other factors that usually contribute to depression and anxiety, such as race, gender, relationship status, household income, education and total time spent on social media, were kept under control.

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However, the study could not clearly indicate the directionality of the association between the social media usage and the onset of the mental health condition. People who experience symptoms of depression or anxiety are more prone to use various social media platforms as an outlet for their emotional upheavals, while many others who try to maintain a presence on multiple platforms, ultimately, fall prey to depression and anxiety. However, further research is needed to understand the exact correlation between the two.

Why does social media usage trigger depression and anxiety?

A number of theories have been proposed by researchers to prove that multi-platform social media use may aggravate depression and anxiety. Some of the theories put forward by Primack and his team are:

Multitasking that occurs when switching between platforms leads to poor cognitive and mental health outcomes. Each platform has a distinct set of rules, and cultural assumptions, which can be difficult to navigate, ultimately leading to negative mood and emotions. An increased risk of committing mistakes when using multiple platforms may, in turn, increase the risk of repeated embarrassments.

Seeking professional help

Apart from reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression, curbing the use of social media can actually help people save time.

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Doctor Marketing

Last decades of twentieth century and twenty first century emerged as digital age. It is in this period when computers started dominating every field of our life. But it is only after the invention of internet, which completely changed the world we used to live in. Now internet is touching all business entities ranging from banks, financial institutions, corporate houses, restaurants, food joints etc. Due to immense popularity of internet, small and big enterprises are taking their business online. This has given rise to an online competition among companies to attract visitors on their web page so as to enhance popularity of products and services they are offering and indirectly maximize their level of profits.

How SEO services can cater your needs?

As level of competition is soaring up day by day, it has become very difficult for a new company to market his products or services on the web. This is where an Internet Marketing Firm can assist you. These online marketing agencies composed of panel of well qualified, trained and experienced professionals who try to boost your rankings on popular search engines like Google with the help of variety of on page and off page tools such as link building, Keyword searching, Stuffing of keywords in articles, PAY Per Click and Social media marketing. By reaching on top rankings of search engines, visibility and popularity of your web page increases to great extent. Here it is worth to mention that special tools like keywords are the words, which people mostly use to search a specific product. For an instance, if you are seeking an eye specialist in Philadelphia, then you will type eye doctor, Philadelphia and your browser will return top results related to your keyword. Internet marketing firm search these popular keywords and stuff them in articles, blogs and web content to increase traffic on your web page. In short, these SEO professionals, with the help of different tools increase number of visitors of your website.

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Hiring a good SEO company

Now, after understanding the vital role played by SEO companies in online marketing, now comes the burning question how to find a good seo firm. Well finding an online marketing expert is not at all difficult as there are numerous companies available in the market. But hiring a good and efficient marketing expert, that can cater your needs, according to your requirements and within your budget is the hardest part. In order to find a good internet marketing firm you need to survey thoroughly and compare services offered, packages, experience and customer feedbacks of several companies. By comparing these factors you can easily hire a SEO company according to your needs and requirements.

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Pain Killers

When looking for lower back pain relief, several individuals will appear for medications that can make the pain go absent. While doctors may prescribe above the counter medicines such as a non-steroidal anti inflammatory (NSAID) like Ibuprofen, some patients do not feel in the success of OTC drugs. These individuals will then insist that the doctor prescribe something stronger or try to find something on their own.


Medications which might be based on opium are frequently recommended to fight back pain, even if it is not necessary. While these opium based drugs are effective at relieving pain, they have facet results that make it difficult to operate in day to day life and therefore are notoriously addictive when misused. Narcotic addiction is the main reason why these pain killers are challenging to get prescribed for lower back pain relief.

In addition to the dangers of addiction, it has been demonstrated that Opioid based drugs usually are not all that successful in the treatment of persistent lower back pain. For extended expression lower back pain relief because of to a persistent condition, it’s been shown that non-addictive pain killers are just as efficient as the more robust Opioid drugs. However doctors may consider persevering with with narcotic pain relief therapy if the affected person is allergic to other drugs this sort of as ibuprofen or acetaminophen or if the aspect outcomes of the non-narcotic are as well serious for the individual.

While individuals may not grow to be addicted to narcotic pain killers when seeking lower back pain relief as part of their prescribed therapy, they may later become addicted via abuse of the drug. Numerous times once a situation has run its course a patient may find which they have a number of doses or refills of a potent pain medication nonetheless accessible to them. Lawfully, these doses are to be ruined but most sufferers keep them on hand for afterwards self medicine.

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Once a patient commences to rely on the drugs for dealing with situations that would easily be relieved by OTC drugs, or when they start to take the drugs simply to enhance their disposition, the hazard of addiction turns into greater. When used as directed by a doctor, narcotic pain relievers can be successful in lower back pain relief. When employed improperly they are a harmful material that can lead to a life destroying addiction.

Not just do narcotics pose a risk to the affected person who was at first recommended them, they can also be dangerous for these about them. It is not unheard of for a patient to give a handful of of their pain pills to buddies or family members who may be complaining of an ache or a pain. Nonetheless, even a small publicity to an addictive material can be enough to trigger an addiction, not to mention the dangers which are inherent in the drugs on their own due to dizziness, drowsiness, as well as other aspect outcomes.

Pain management is a big part of supplying lower back pain relief. Nonetheless if the doctor does not really feel that it really is required to use something as powerful as a narcotic, the patient must believe in that assistance and never try to shop about for far better pills. While narcotics can at times be more successful than OTC drugs, in several instances they only seem to be assisting more because of the “high” that some individuals may experience when using them. Addiction and drug abuse are very real issues and narcotic pain killers are a gateway into those issues when utilized incorrectly.

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